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New Day Builders, LLC

Victorian-Style Homes

No other house design feels more comfortable and accommodating for a family than those built in the Victorian era.  We offer turn-of-the-century designs that keep close to the style and heart of these historical homes.  Features can include private parlors, wrap-around prorches, widow's peak roof, wood flooring, raised ceilings, and intricate woodwork details.  Price range for these homes can vary greatly depending on the design details that you want for your new home. If you are interested in the Victorian style, please call us and make and appointment to discuss the price and options that we can offer you.

Victorian Model 1
3 bed 2 1/2 Bath with a private reading room and spacious great room.

Victorian Model 1
First Floor                         927 sq ft
Second Floor                    769 sq ft
Apx. Total Living Area    1696 sq ft
Porch                               108 sq ft
Carport                            252 sq ft
Apx Total Area               2056 sq ft
Overall Dimensions 49' X 34'

Victorian Model Floor Plan 1
New Day Homes, Inc. 2005
Victorian Model 2
3 bed 2 1/2 bath, with a spacious master suite that has a private balcony

Victorian Model 2
First Floor             1351 sq ft
Second Floor        1173 sq ft
Apx Living Area   2524 sq ft
Balcony                32 sq ft
Deck                   180 sq ft
Porch                   43 sq ft
Apx Total Area   2779 sq  ft
Overall Dimensions  42' X 34'

Victorian Model Floor Plan 2
New Day Homes, Inc. 2005
Victorian Model 3
3 bed 2 bath, featuring an extra Reading Room, wrap-around porch, and a 2 car garage

Victorian Model 3
Apx Living Area    1931 sq ft
Back porch               90 sq ft
Front Porch             217 sq ft
Garage                   552 sq ft
Apx Total Area     2790 sq ft
Overall Dimensions  82' X 41'

Victorian Model 3 Floor Plan
New Day Homes, Inc 2005

Victorian Model 4
Come see this model at our office location!

Victorian Model 4
First Floor          873 sq ft
Second Floor    941 sq ft
Porch                264 sq ft
Total Area       2078 sq ft

Victorian Model 4 Floor plan
New Day Homes, Inc. 2005

Floor plan drawn to artist's conception.  In the interest of continuous improvements and to meet the changing market conditions, the builder reserves the right to modify plans, specifications, and products without notice or obligation.